Cambridge uni boss admits latest woke idiocy was “a mistake”

The powerful Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, Canadian human rights scholar Stephen Toope, has admitted that a recent woke publication supporting a new student reports system “was published in error” following a revolt from some of the world’s top intellects.

The university’s new Report and Support website, which aims to empower disgruntled students to anonymously denounce fellow students and lecturers, originally included a farcical woke list of so-called “micro-aggressions” that may require action – including turning your back on a person or giving backhanded compliments.

An expose of the bizarre support page in the Telegraph was followed soon afterwards by the page being pulled offline, as top dons including historians David Abulafia and Robert Tombs and medieval philosophy boffin John Marenbon wrote to the Telegraph to say: “We trust that whatever replaces the documentation will be fully compatible with the right to unfettered freedom of speech and expression within the law as well as with the university’s core commitment to the free and fearless discussion of ideas as enshrined in its Statement on Freedom of Speech, which was approved by overwhelming majorities of university staff last December and to which the Vice-Chancellor gave his immediate and unequivocal support at the time.”

Now Toope has admitted in a missive to staff that “the supporting website contained material that was published in error. The erroneously published content included definitions and examples of behaviours that might be reportable.”

He also reflected that “some of those definitions and examples went beyond the policies discussed and agreed by colleagues” and said decisively that the “material should not have been there, and its publication was a mistake.”

One unnamed academic question how such a piece of work could truly be published “in error” and claimed: “It raises questions about how anything like this could have come within a mile of being approved by senior people at the university and published on their website.”

Toope is no stranger to controversy over his woke administration of the prestigious seat of learning, annoying many in 2019 when he appointed a panel to probe the university’s links to the slave trade.

His leadership has even led commentator Douglas Murray to call on alumni to withhold donations until he’s left the office, saying: “Under the leadership of an undistinguished Canadian lawyer called Stephen Toope, Cambridge University has become a home of politically correct censoriousness and absurdity.

“It harbours invidious and unqualified academics of the radical left and censors or publicly humiliates academics identified as being on the political right.”