Three London murders in one night as victims are stabbed, shot, beaten

The Metropolitan Police launched three murder investigations in a single seven hour stretch between Thursday night and the early hours of Friday morning after three more people died amid a spiralling wave of senseless violence in the capital.

A woman was stabbed to death shortly before 10pm in Cheam, a man was shot dead opposite Turnpike Lane Tube station shortly after 1am, and a pensioner was found beaten to death in Lewisham at 5am.

A 23-year-old man has been arrested at the scene of the slain pensioner and another man has been arrested on suspicion of murder for the 10pm stabbing, but police have yet to make an arrest over the shooting incident.

This site reported in February that the Metropolitan Police had launched a shocking eighteen murder probes in just the first two months of the year, and the shocking news from Thursday night underscores the fact that the situation does not appear to be improving.

Met Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh has warned things could get even worse as the weather heats up and coronavirus lockdown restrictions are lifted: “There is a genuine concern among the police that we are moving into a position this summer where the levels of violence become unprecedented.”

The shocking news follows a spate of chilling crime stories coming out of the capital.

Last month we reported on the story of a 13-year-old youngster who was brutally knifed on his way to school, while another man was stabbed to death in Willesden on the same day.

In February ten people were stabbed in a single night in Croydon in a spate of violent knife attacks that are all the more disturbing due to their apparent randomness – with local cops failing to connect them.

We’ve also covered a range of other sick crimes including a twelve-man pack beat down of an off-duty cop, a “violent and depraved” Sundanese migrant rapist who attacked five women in an eleven-day spree of sex assaults and robbery, a gang slaying on a London Tube train carried out with a so-called “Rambo knife”, and a knife fight breaking out in high end department store Selfridges on the same day Sadiq Khan launched a London tourism drive.

We’ve also reported how a randomly chosen man was stabbed to death in front of a six-year-old girl just because the gangsters were told to get “notches on your blade”; how a devoted young father was murdered at random before his killers went out clubbing; and how a pair of teens slashed and stabbed a man to death in broad daylight, with one of the killers coldly boasting to fellow lags: “The machete got stuck in his head… yeah, the blood splashed on my face. When I pulled the knife out of his head, the blood was a mad thing. Then I shanked him again. It was funny, my man was laughing.”