Conservative MP ridiculed after telling anti-immigration protestors they are “not welcome” in Dover

“We don’t want them here”, tweeted the Conservative MP for Dover on Saturday. You’d be forgiven for thinking it was aimed at the hundreds of undocumented economic migrants that crossed the English Channel this weekend and made it onto British soil, however Natalie Elphicke was actually referring to a group of Brits protesting the government’s inaction over the ongoing problem.

“It’s time to stop the small boats crossings but today’s protestors are not welcome in Dover. We don’t want them here. There’s no excuse for their disruption to trade and to our town,” said Ms Elphicke on Saturday as approximately 50 protestors took the streets of Dover to oppose the migrant crossings.

The group displayed banners calling on the government to “defend our borders” and “stop the invasion”. The protest included a number of freelancers who report independently on the almost daily crossings from the continent now of undocumented migrants.

“A Conservative MP told English people protesting their concerns against illegal immigration that they ‘are not welcome in Dover’,” one of the protestors commented. “At the very same time this event was happening, over 100 illegal immigrants were welcomed in with open arms. No mention from the Conservative MP.”

“Reminders of our serial incompetence, indifference and cowardice are not welcome in Dover,” quipped the Leave Alliance campaign.

“If the government would stick to promises made, there would be no need to demonstrate,” replied one social media user to Ms Elphicke, whilst another added: “Happy for criminals to arrive in her constituency by dinghy but not happy for British citizens to object to it!”

More than 3,100 migrants have now reached British shores in 2021, almost double that of last year which was already a record.

144 migrants were confirmed to have reached the UK in seven boats on Saturday, with an eye-watering 336 people in 19 boats arriving on Friday in what has been one of the busiest weekends so far this year.