MoD’s diversity chief looking to remove “sexist” ranks

The Ministry of Defence’s new diversity chief is heading a review into “sexist” ranks in the armed forces. 

Since 2018, women have been able to fill all roles across the British Armed Forces. Woke fanatics are not the kind of people to know much about military affairs, but if they were, they would surely be outraged by the number of rank titles featuring “man” in them – e.g. rifleman, airman and able seaman. 

The woke brigade do not tolerate what they call “gendered” terms. Looking to give the armed forces a PC makeover is the MoD’s £110,000 a year diversity chief, Samantha de Forges who is leading the review set for 2022. 

But the move has its detractors. The Royal Navy’s former top admiral, Lord Ian West described changing gendered ranks to something more politically correct as bowing to “ultra, ultra-woke pressure”.

Britain’s First Sea Lord from 2002 until 2006 warned that messing around with titles also threatenened to confuse hierarchies, leading to unnecessary operational challenges.

Meanwhile, former Brexit Party MEP, Christina Jordan tweeted: “MoD’s new £110k diversity chief is taking aim at ‘sexist’ ranks in the armed forces including rifleman, airman and able seaman. When defending our country, diversity matters.”

The review will also look to make the UK military more inclusive for women and ethnic minorities while also raising forces’ awareness for terminology linked to LGBT folk.

A senior defence source told the Sunday Times that “the exercise is looking at [ranks and titles] that may be considered dated.

“Part of that review gives consideration to rebranding those ranks that may not be considered gender-neutral.”

The MoD insisted that it is “committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.”