69-year-old woman raped and incapacitated in illegal immigrant burglary

A 69-year-old retiree has been left incapacitated for three weeks following a brutal break-in by two illegal immigrant criminals, who stole her belongings after one of the sick illegals raped her at knife point.

The two migrants, aged between 19 and 21, broke into her home in Palaiseau, France and committed their vile crimes just after 3am on the night of May 20.

French daily newspaper Le Parisien reports that the second migrant burglar also attempted to abuse the elderly woman but relented in the face of her horrified pleas.

But were discovered after cops investigated traces of blood left at the scene and scoured CCTV evidence.

The vile pair were captured four days later after being successfully identified, triggering an official search warrant and manhunt. They were eventually found by a vigilant off-duty police officer who recognised them at a Paris metro station.

The migrants reportedly admitted to the facts of the case while in police custody, and it was discovered that they’d arrived in the country illegally without papers after first entering Europe via Spain.

Their origin may disturb some people, with news of this attack coming shortly after a whopping 5,000 illegal immigrants successfully reached Spanish territory from Morocco in a single day – in an event that a major opposition politician has termed an invasion “with thousands of assailants for the cowardly and criminal inaction of the Government that has surrendered our southern border.”

During questioning they are alleged to have claimed that they carried out the sickening rape because they were under the influence of drugs.

Their claim to have used drugs may form a potent defence for the pair under warped French laws, which recently let a dope fiend Muslim migrant killer avoid criminal proceedings after throwing an elderly Jewish woman out of a window to her death – because he was said to have acted during a “delirious fit” because of his 15-spliffs-a-day drug habit.