Albanian killer claiming asylum in Britain because he fears revenge from victim’s family

A convicted killer from Albania is claiming asylum in Britain on the basis that he would be killed by his victim’s family in an act of revenge should he be returned to his home country.

The foreign murderer, who has been given anonymity by the British courts, shot dead the mother of an eight-year-old in front of her child in an Albanian village. He served 12 years for the murder before fleeing the country to Greece and eventually entering Britain illegally along with 68 other Albanian immigrants.

The vessel containing the migrants was intercepted by Border Force officials off the English coast back in November, however attempts to prosecute and ultimately deport the killer have been hampered by a legal loophole which requires the migrants to step foot on British soil before they are arrested.

The murdererous migrant has now claimed asylum, insisting he would be killed in an act of revenge should he be returned to Albania and also claiming he was the victim of people trafficking when he moved to Greece, alleging he was beaten and subjected to slave labour.

Despite currently in detention since November, the Albanian criminal’s lawyers have attempted three times to have him released which, according to the Telegraph, has come at a cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds coughed up by the British taxpayer.

The paper also revealed that the killer was searched and found to be in possession of cocaine whilst in detention back in April.

Under new incoming immigration laws, migrants who travel through safe countries will automatically be rejected for asylum in Britain, however this criteria will not apply in this case given it predates it.

Priti Patel has laid out a new government immigration plan, promising a “firm but fair” approach that the home secretary claims will make it easier for the government to boot out foreign criminals and failed asylum claimants.

A government source told the Telegraph: “Our new plan for immigration means that criminals like this will never make it into the country in the first place and speed up the removal of those who should not be here.”