Labour MP humiliated as social media stunt backfires

Left-wing Labour MP Dawn Butler has been left with egg on her face after an anti-Tory Twitter stunt backfired in spectacular fashion today.

Butler took to the social media website earlier this afternoon in a bid to make political hay out of recent news that Tory Equalities Minister Liz Truss had called for government departments to pull out of a diversity scheme run by the left-wing campaigning group Stonewall.

She posted an interactive poll for other Twitter users asking whether they had more trust for the left-wing charity or for Ms Truss – but may not have expected the result that came back.

As of the time of publishing, a whopping 28,527 votes had been cast in the poll and the Tory equalities chief is favoured overwhelmingly by respondents – taking 71.7% of votes while the gay rights charity is favoured by just 28.3%.

Butler had signalled her support for Stonewall and her opposition to Truss’ call for disaffiliation earlier in the day when she quote tweeted transgender activist Christine Burns, who said: “It’s a full-on attack now on Europe’s largest LGBT charity and it’s being done, in large part, because Stonewall supports trans people. We are neck deep now in the institutionalisation of a lie about what the ten year old Equality Act actually says.”

The results of the poll have riled up some on the loony left, who are frustrated at the popularity of Ms Truss and the growing opposition to the agenda of Stonewall.

“Ah, apparently some cis queers still don’t know that they wouldn’t have any rights were it not for trans women of colour” whinged one 19-year-old “expert” on the history of the gay movement.

But others spoke out in favour of Truss and explained to Butler why some are turning against Stonewall.

“Just a quick thought – maybe instead of demonising the women and men (many of which are LGB) who agree with Liz Truss that sex does indeed exist, MP’s could try listening to us and figure out what’s actually going on here…? Just a suggestion Dawn” said one.

Another warned: “On this issue, Liz Truss. And please listen to left wing women like me who have stopped voting Labour because of this issue. I’m far from the only one.”