Peer lashes out against woke pressure in the House of Lords

A senior Tory peer has launched a withering attack against “pitifully weak” woke training he and other members of the House of Lords have had to endure. 

Lord Heseltine (not everyone’s idea of a perfect peer, but he’s worth listening to at least some of the time) has penned an op-ed in the Daily Mail in which he describes a naff video featuring a fictional lord who goes around harassing people.

Members of the house have been forced to watch the series of videos as part of compulsory behavioural training.

In April, the Foxhole reported on former speaker of the House of Commons, Baroness Boothroyd getting investigated by a Parliament ethics watchdog for failing to attend the training. She is 91.

Heseltine is three years younger and like his fellow peer was in hospital when a letter arrived in the mail “bristling with threats and heavy-handed language” which left him “shocked and truly aggrieved”.

He goes on to make the wry observation he “was being bullied into taking an anti-bullying course,” which in his mind would do nothing to stop a rogue peer from leching on their staff.

“There is a rigorous vetting process, as is only right and proper, but once that is done, it is unacceptable in my view to suggest peers should undergo training on their use of language, behaviour and even thought processes,” asserted the former deputy PM.

“I don’t dispute there has been the occasional shocking incident involving the odd bad apple, but it would be absurd to suggest such individuals would change their ways as a result of viewing these puerile videos.”

Ineffective, a “patent waste of time” and expensive. Heseltine goes on to lash out at the videos’ price tag, which he describes as “an utterly shocking waste of taxpayers’ money”.

“How is it possible this course was commissioned, and why should it be mandatory?” He fumes. “There is an equivalent course for the Commons, but no one is obliged to attend.

“How on earth can the package cost £880,000? Who agreed to that fee, and how can it be justified? This travesty of a training course is a waste of public money.

“It should be halted immediately.”