Another broad daylight knife fight on the streets of London

Shocking footage on social media has captured yet another knife fight being carried out on the streets of London in broad daylight, as two men armed with huge blades swing at each other madly on the street.

In the clip, two men are seen lunging at each other with the large blades while unsuspecting members of the public drive past the wild and disturbing scene.

The fight appears to have involved two men, one shirtless and barefoot and the other one fully dressed and overweight, with the shirtless man eventually chasing off two other unidentified males.

Later in the clip, the screams of onlookers can be heard as another man gets out of a vehicle and calls on the men to “stop”, interspersed with other incomprehensible gibberish.

“The old London tradition of knife fighting, replacing what used to be Morris dancing which was considered far too violent” said one social media user, highlighting the growing trend of lawless knife fights breaking out on the streets of the capital.

Matt Twist of the Metropolitan Police responded to the shocking footage too, saying: “I am the on-call NPCC officer for the Met, was briefed on this incident within 15 mins of it happening & updated overnight. Truly shocking & awful for community & those seriously injured in this madness. This is a problem, and we are moving fast to identify all involved.”

It adds to a growing picture of chaos breaking out in London as the weather heats up and criminals in the capital get more rowdy.

“There is a genuine concern among the police that we are moving into a position this summer where the levels of violence become unprecedented” warned Met Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh back in February.

This bank holiday Monday, while Londoners tried to enjoy the warm weather in a London park, a youngster was stabbed to death in broad daylight. Local cops have since arrested seven men in connection with the grim episode.

The very next day, another mad knife incident was captured in Hyde Park, with thugs running around carrying weapons described as “machetes” and “swords”.

“He got stabbed! There’s a knife, there’s a knife! Oh my God, oh s***, oh God oh God!” screamed one onlooker while another responded to a blow to the midriff: “He bored him! Oh s*** he bored him!”

And earlier this morning we reported on anarchy in Brixton last night after police were called to the scene of a shooting. Officers responding were attacked by a mob, requiring the deployment of scores of fully equipped riot cops.