Warzone London: cops attacked while responding to shooting and stabbing

Riot cops were deployed to Brixton last night after police officers were attacked by a group of people as they investigated the brutal shooting and stabbing of a man in his mid-20s.

Armed officers were called to the scene of the crime late yesterday evening, and the victim was rushed to a south London hospital by London’s Air Ambulance, but more fully equipped riot police had to come to the scene after the cops were “approached by a large group of people and objects were thrown towards them”.

One clip posted to Twitter shows a band of police officers being mobbed by a massive crowd.

Other footage posted to social media last night shows a huge number of police officers on the scene, joined by a number of police cars and vans and eventually a massive deployment of riot cops to control the crime scene as cops investigate the site of the shooting.

In another clip, cops are seen running about the scene, while a horde of unidentified youths runs up the outdoor staircase of a nearby block of flats.

The lawless scenes, unfolding in such a way as to require such a huge organised police response, underscores public concerns that London is turning into an increasingly dangerous place where the basic norms of civilised life are being threatened by violent antisocial criminals.

This bank holiday Monday, while Londoners tried to enjoy the warm weather in a London park, a youngster was stabbed to death in broad daylight. Local cops have since arrested seven men in connection with the grim episode.

The very next day, another mad knife incident was captured in Hyde Park, with thugs running around carrying weapons described as “machetes” and “swords”.

“He got stabbed! There’s a knife, there’s a knife! Oh my God, oh s***, oh God oh God!” screamed one onlooker while another responded to a blow to the midriff: “He bored him! Oh s*** he bored him!”