More chaos as London cops find themselves in huge brawl with youths

Shocking footage has emerged on social media of British police officers attempting to restore order amid a huge brawl in north London, as the city continues to deal with a general collapse of authority and a breakdown of law and order.

The footage was reportedly captured on Thursday, and the wild brawl appears to have occurred on a multipurpose sports pitch at Brunswick Park in Tottenham.

In it, police can be seen struggling with rowdy members of a huge and disorderly mob of young women as one officer tries to break up a fight, and another is forced to draw her truncheon to defend herself.

It follows days of similarly wild scenes caught on film in recent days, including a fight involving huge machete-like blades in Hyde Park, a knife fight on the streets of Greenwich, and local police being swarmed by a mob in Brixton when they came to investigate a brutal shooting – with riot cops eventually being called to the scene to restore order.

The scene in Tottenham was described online as “a group of disrespectful hoes brawling with police”, while another member of the public described the brawlers as “feral”.

“Am I the only one who thinks a riot is going to start somewhere over the summer and the whole country is going to erupt” asked one social media user, echoing chilling warnings from one top police official that the country is a “pressure cooker” as the weather heats up and coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

“There is a genuine concern among the police that we are moving into a position this summer where the levels of violence become unprecedented” warned Met Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh, separately, back in February.

Another social media user said: “jesus!! is there no such thing as civilised society anymore?! actually dreading the thought of a long hot summer, feels as though it’s all going to kick off & be even worse than last year’s mayhem”