WATCH | Emmanuel Macron gets slapped across the face

Footage has just been posted online of France’s president, Emmanuel Macron getting slapped in the face by a member of the public.

In the clip (see below), Macron is seen striding over to greet people who he assumes are adoring fans.

Making a messianic gesture with his hands he makes a beeline for a ‘supporter’ with a beatnik hairstyle.

Macron clasps his wrist. His right arm free, the man slaps the president hard across the left cheek.

Security men then bundle in, the president of the republic is dragged away. Some Gendarmes then trot over to lend a hand.

A man behind the camera can then be heard shouting “casse-toi” (get lost) and enculé (English equivalent is wanker).

“C’est incroyable” (it’s incredible) is then heard just as the footage ends.

BFMTV report that two people have been arrested for “deliberate violence against a person holding public authority”.

Macron is currently on a tour of France, and was at a hospitality school in a small town called Tain-l’Hermitage, in southeastern France.

Responding to the incident prime minister Jean Castex said that debate and disagreement were part of democracy but “it must never, in any case, mean violence, verbal aggression and even less physical attack”. Tell that to Antifa.

Fierce political opponent and hard-left patriot Jean-Luc Mélenchon also condemned the use of force, tweeting “solidarity with the president” as soon as the video broke.