Lefty loons claim Shamima Begum joining ISIS is the same as suspended cricketer Ollie Robinson’s naughty tweets

England bowler Ollie Robinson’s suspension from international cricket has been bizarrely seized upon by radical leftists who have saturated Twitter with claims the cricketer’s politically incorrect social media posts from when he was just 18 are morally equivalent to Shamima Begum’s decision to join ISIS and marry a jihadist.

Begum’s name has been trending on Twitter for two days as left-wingers appear to be doing the utmost to land a glove on the government for deciding to back Robinson.

The ECB issued Robinson with a suspension on Sunday after ten-year-old tweets surfaced that, for all their lack of refinement, were indisputably throwaway remarks – He has since apologised, saying he was “embarrassed” and “ashamed”.

Rushing to Robinson’s defence was culture secretary Oliver Dowden who said that while the tweets were “offensive and wrong” they were “written by a teenager”.

Meanwhile a Number 10 spokesperson said: “The PM is supportive of Oliver Dowden’s comments. As Dowden set out, these were comments made more than a decade ago written by someone as a teenager and for which they’ve rightly apologised.” The ECB has refused to comment.

The government’s move to back the young cricketer has raised lefty hackles – the woke left takes every opportunity to slander Downing Street as racist – sparking a Twitter storm.

“Shamima Begum was just 15, but her teenage decisions were enough for your lot to deprive her of her citizenship,” one person said in reply to Dowden’s post.

“I’m confused Ollie. Can Shamima Begum come back now?” wrote another whose profile picture features the Tory logo distorted into a skull.

A third said: “You’re right. If only this spirit extended to people like Shamima Begum, who was just 15 when she was groomed by ISIS. Teenagers do stupid things – they do not deserve witch hunts and banishment.

Race baiting tweets like, “Funny how Tories believe Shamima Begum should be held responsible but a (white) man several years older than her must be forgiven for any past indiscretions because of his youth,” were also commonplace.

This person proudly states in their bio that they are blocked on Twitter by their MP.

The common sense corps was aghast at the leftfield attempt to compare an England cricket international cricketer with a jihadi bride.

“Wow, are people *seriously* comparing Shamima Begum and Ollie Robinson? Without any sense of there being an almighty difference between sending Tweets and joining an Islamist death cult? Have they lost their minds?,” said one individual.

A social media user of a similar mindset said: “I can’t put up the disturbing pictures showing what Begum was involved in but I can give you the comparison where Ollie is concerned. The lefty nuts want this man cancelled but want us to take a psychopath back!”

Another person flabbergasted by the comparison tweeted: “Ollie Robinson wrote some silly, ill-judged tweets. Shamima Begum joined an evil caliphate intent on destroying this country and was not ‘fazed’ at seeing a severed head in a bin.”

The intensity of the exchanges is fuelled in part by Begum’s own re-appearance on the scene (not physically of course). The 22-year-old currently lives in a Syrian camp and has launched a PR campaign to have her citizenship reinstated.

Over the weekend, the left-wing press was loaded with articles of Begum trying to convince the British public she was never particularly drawn to the ISIS’s regime’s bloodthirsty creed. She claims to have been “guilted” into travelling to Syria as a 15-year-old.

Meanwhile, an increasingly acrid battle over politics in sport is brewing. Robinson is consequently being chewed up by the wokes. After more than a year of footballers taking the knee before matches, a gesture intrinsically linked with the controversial Black Lives Matter movement, England football fans are fed up.

The last two international friendlies were prefaced by supporters – finally allowed back into stadiums – booing at their kneeling players.

Major figures in the game erupted over the booing. “If you boo @England players for taking the knee, you’re part of the reason why players are taking the knee,” fumed former England striker, Gary Lineker.

England manager, Gareth Southgate has also been highly critical of fans’ protests, which drew a rebuke from Nigel Farage. “I have a fear that Gareth Southgate is putting himself out of touch with his own fans and with the country,” warned the Brexit legend.

He added: “The great British public have sussed it, they’ve woken up to the fact that taking the knee to the Black Lives Matter organisation isn’t about equality of opportunity, isn’t about racial justice.

“It’s about a Marxist organisation that wants to defund the police force, that wants to bring down Western capitalism, bring down our whole way of life and replace it with a new Communist order.”

Farage cautioned players not to get lost in politics. Robinson, has turned his back on his comments, that while un-PC are hardly political, and yet he is now at the centre of a highly political row that could ruin his career.

“How especially cruel it is that at the moment when a man is making his England debut, at such a proud moment, he should be humiliated in such a way,” wrote conservative commentator Douglas Murray in an op-ed for the Sun.

He later asks of Britain’s sportsmen: “Just how perfect do we expect them to be? Should we expect them to be perfect from the cradle? Should our footballers and cricketers be held to the same standards that we might, for instance, hold a member of the clergy to? Or a member of the House of Commons?”

No, they should not.