Black studies professor faces backlash for claiming Queen is “number one symbol of white supremacy”

A divisive university professor of black studies has provoked criticism for claiming Queen Elizabeth II is the world’s “number one symbol of white supremacy”.

Kehinde Andrews, a taxpayer-funded academic at Birmingham City University made the comments during a debate on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain on the recent decision of Oxford college students to remove a portrait of the monarch from their common room to prevent anyone from feeling ‘unwelcome’.

“If we’re honest, the Queen doesn’t just represent modern colonialism. The Queen is probably the number one symbol of white supremacy in the entire world,” Andrews claimed, calling Her Majesty a “born-to-rule elite” from a “really white family”.

Andrews also sparked controversy for suggesting the modern day Commonwealth is “actually the [British] Empire”, despite the Commonwealth being a voluntary association of independent nations.

“Even in that picture she’s wearing jewels stolen from different parts of the black and brown world!” Andrews remarked, citing the portrait banished by Oxford students.

“That’s what the Queen represents and if the students decided they don’t want her picture in the common room, I’m not sure why it’s such a big deal!” Andrews added.

GMB host Susanna Reid responded, taking issue with the professor’s claims: “You say that’s 100 per cent honest, 99.999 per cent of people would disagree with you, particularly when you say she’s a symbol representative of white supremacy.”

“The Queen is still the head of the Commonwealth which is predominantly black and brown people,” Andrews hit back. “We all celebrated a black woman joining the family, it was so bad that within a couple of years she had to leave! That’s the royal family!”

Journalist and political commentator Calvin Robinson looked stunned at the accusations fired at the Queen, and responding by reminding the academic that the Queen “has had a strong hand if not the strongest hand in unwinding the Empire.

“Her Majesty the Queen is the biggest decoloniser – the Commonwealth is a union of choice, it is nations that have opted to remain together for strength and unity and that’s a thing that should be celebrated. To try and conflate that with the Empire is just disingenuous isn’t it, especially when you’re saying ‘let’s be 100 per cent honest’ – that’s not honesty at all!”

Social media users weren’t impressed by Mr Andrew’s controversial remarks, with some accusing him of ‘blatant racism’ and questioning how appropriate it is for him to be teaching “young, impressionable people”.

“He’s done more for causing racial division than almost anyone. Shame on GMB for having him on. Very sinister man,” said one response, whilst another called him an “embarrassment to our university system”.

Another accused him of hating “everything to do with white people” adding: He wants to erase everything white! He incites racism.”