“Two nobodies trying to stay relevant!” Harry and Meghan slammed over “absurd” baby name

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been accused of shameless sycophancy and trying to stay relevant by picking the Queen’s childhood nickname for their newborn daughter.

In his latest monologue, Sky News Australia host Alan Jones launched into a tirade against the couple, suggesting the name was an attempt to retain ties with the royal family as public pressure mounts on Buckingham Palace to revoke their royal titles.

“The name is absurd,” Jones claimed. “These two know they’re on the ropes in the United Kingdom and with the Royal Family. This is sycophancy at its worst, but it’s also offensive.

“The late King George VI, the Queen’s father fondly called his eldest Lilibet. A childhood nickname that has stuck throughout her life and was often used by Prince Philip in terms of affection, and noone else.

“These two, Harry and Meghan have no shame. What on earth were they thinking using such an intimate and personal family nickname? It’s just an exercise of two nobodies trying to stay relevant.

“As one commentator in the UK said, the name Lilibet is a ‘presumptuous choice for a baby who is eighth in line to the throne, and who will grow up on the other side of the world with an American accent’.”

Jones suggested the idea for the name may have originated more from Meghan Markle than her husband.

“This choice of name has the attention-seeking Meghan Markle written all over it – the modern day Wallis Simpson. Harry and Meghan never stop accusing the royals of everything under the sun, faking victimhood whilst they live in their $14million, nine-bedroom Californian mansion.

“It’ll take more than a baby name to make amends with the public and their family. As Warren Buffet once said: ‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and 5 minutes to ruin it’.

“I suspect Harry and Meghan know that. They are a coaster’s width away from losing their royal titles. The pressure from Britain to make these two Mr and Mrs is building – that’s what they’re trying to resist.

“They know there is nothing commercial to be gained by being boring Mr and Mrs, but if he is trapped in the monarchy as Harry claims he is – Harry, give up your title! Separate yourself from the monarchy, go off in the Californian sunset and stay there!”