Bandits hold couple at knife and gunpoint before stealing their car

Footage has been captured of a car being stolen in Tower Hamlets, London, yet again highlighting the shocking crime wave ripping through the capital under Sadiq Khan’s watch.

The police report that two men approached the parked white BMW 3 Series in the early hours of Thursday morning and demanded that the driver open the door. He refused to comply. His female passenger then dialled 999, prompting the thugs to slink away.

The couple waited inside the car for a few moments, once they felt that the men had left the scene, they decided to exit the vehicle. But as soon as they unlocked and opened the doors, the men reappeared and commanded the man to get out. He refused a second time.

The bandits then flashed a handgun and a knife and pointed the weapons at the driver. One of them is then reported to have said, “get out quickly or I’ll shoot you”. Fearing for their safety, both the driver and his companion got out of the car.

A third man then appeared and joined the other two in getting into the vehicle. The footage shows one of them, hooded and wearing black gloves, circle around the car and get in. A woman, possibly the passenger can be heard screaming while a man shouts, “police police…”

According to the Met’s report of the incident: “The three suspects are reported to be in their 20s, black, slim build, wearing dark-coloured tracksuits and balaclavas covering their faces with only their eyes being visible.”

The investigating detective, DC Sasha Halai said: “This incident has left the victims shaken. We know that a number of people saw what happened and we are appealing to them to get in touch. Any detail, photos or videos could help with our investigation and find the suspects who are potentially armed.

“We’re yet to locate the car – a White BMW 3 Series with number plate KN17 KCX – and if you’ve seen it, please let us know. The recovery of the vehicle is vital as we don’t want to lose any forensic opportunities.”

This is just the latest violent incident to shock and frighten Londoners. During the same week, police officers were captured on film attempting to restore order amid a huge brawl in the north of the city.

The brawl followed days of similarly wild scenes caught on camera, including a fight involving huge machete-like blades in Hyde Park, a knife fight on the streets of Greenwich, and local police being swarmed by a mob in Brixton when they came to investigate a brutal shooting – with riot cops eventually being called to the scene to restore order.

And to think, Londoners have at least four more years of this under Mr Khan.