WATCH | Conservative MP suggests illegal migrants who don’t like their accommodation are free to return to Europe

During a parliamentary debate on the future of Napier barracks, the ex-military facility used to house migrants which was declared unlawful by the courts last week, Ashfield MP Lee Anderson suggested that if undocumented migrants arriving into Britain illegally did not like the accommodation, they are welcome to return to Europe.

“After five years of living in the back of a lorry fighting for King and Country during the Second World War, my grandad Charlie returned to these shores to live in poor housing with no heating, no hot water and he made do with an outside toilet and no access to free yoga lessons.

“He then went on to work for forty years down the pit and not once did he ever complain about his life.

“So does the minister agree with me that if illegal immigrants entering this country do not like the housing which has much better facilities than in my grandad’s day then one solution would be to return to France, taking the lefty lawyers and the Opposition with them!”

Home Office minister Chris Philp conceded that Mr Anderson had made a “powerful point” and reiterated that those in safe countries like France, Italy and Spain “are in countries that have a fully functioning asylum system and they should claim asylum there.”