Boris on migrant madness: “What the f*** is the Home Office doing?”

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reportedly asked a government minister, in response to the growing tide of illegal immigrants entering the United Kingdom by small boat: “What the f*** is the Home Office doing? When is she [Patel] going to sort this out?”

The comments were reported this morning by The Times, with a source telling the paper that the PM is “increasingly frustrated” with the arrivals.

A source also told the paper that Border Force officials are to blame for the lack of action, as they “sit in meetings with the prime minister and home secretary nodding along saying, ‘Yes, of course we can do that, no problem. Consider it done.’ Two days later they are busy explaining to them both why it can’t be done.”

The crisis in the Channel continues to get worse and worse as the warm weather and pathetic response of UK authorities encourages more illegal migrants to make the journey.

Migrants could also be encouraged by soft rulings from British judges, with one recently slapping down the government for the use of Napier Barracks to house asylum seekers because it was not fit for use – despite it being good enough for British soldiers in the past…

The scale of the problem has been laid bare by one of the UK’s top think tanks, Migration Watch, who report that 4,389 migrants arrived in the country by small boat up to June 6 – way up from the 1,754 who arrived by small boat in the same period last year.

Just 591 arrived in the same period in 2019 and a mere 11 came across the Channel in the early months of 2018.

If the proportional rate of increase holds for the entire year, the UK would be on course to receive an eye-watering 21,802 migrants in 2021 – the equivalent of twenty military battalions, four brigades, or two army divisions.