Macron vows to veto new talks on Brexit deal and NI Protocol

French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to block any efforts from the British government to reopen the Brexit negotiation amid issues caused by overzealous EU enforcement of the hated Northern Ireland Protocol.

“I think it’s not serious to want to review in July what we finalised after years of debate and work in December” said the French leader. “This is not an issue between the UK and France, it is an issue between Europeans and the UK.

“We have a protocol under which there is this Northern Ireland protocol and we have a trade deal. It has been painfully discussed for years, and discussed, let me remind you, on the initiative of the British who decided to leave.”

The beleaguered French leader often takes swipes at the British in a pathetic bid to boost his struggling poll ratings, and perhaps this latest outburst is linked to the humiliation he suffered this week when one of his own citizens took a swipe at him…

The latest issue thrown up by the legal mechanism has been the threat of a so-called sausage war, with barmy Brussels officials vowing to retaliate against Britain if we continue shipping chilled meats to our own territory on the island of Ireland.

“I think that’s a nonsense. I think we’ve got a very good sausage industry in this country, we’ve got the highest standards of food hygiene in the world” said Environment Secretary George Eustice, rubbishing the threats.

And a Downing Street spokesman also chimed in: “Any ban would be contrary to the aims of the protocol and the interests of the people of Northern Ireland.

“The protocol was a compromise. We didn’t expect the EU to take a purist approach when implementing it. We are working very hard to try to resolve these issues consensually.”

Macron isn’t the only foreign leader trying to push back against Britain this week, as the government rightfully moves to secure the integrity of the United Kingdom. This site reported yesterday on a reported diplomatic rebuke handed out by the Biden administration over the row – although the US President, who claims to be committed to peace in Northern Ireland, was oddly quiet earlier this year when the EU briefly imposed a hard border on the island to hoard its own paltry vaccine supplies.