Huge London gang rides to Nottingham, busts into house, stabs occupant

Ten London men have been convicted after pleading guilty to aggravated burglary at Nottingham Crown Court after they travelled to Nottingham from the capital to carry out a robbery on a cannabis grow.

The ten-strong gang kicked in the front door of a house on Myrtle Avenue and stabbed an occupant with knives and garden shears before he managed to escape, going on to load cannabis plants stolen from the property into a vehicle.

Police responded rapidly to terrified reports from shocked neighbours, catching some of the criminals on foot and rounding up the rest as they fled down to M1 back towards Sadiq Khan’s London.

The ten men convicted were: Toryon David (24), Josh Dawson (19), Temi Peters (22), Bilal Mohamed (23), Jedidia Kibambe (25), Gaele Meya (25), Rex Kibambe (27), Henock Eskinder (28), Edmund Mackwar (30), Earl Coelho De Carvalho (23).

“Many neighbours were disturbed by the commotion and saw this frightening incident unfold which was unacceptable to the community in Forest Fields” said Nottingham cop Sarah Gregg.

“Following the report we responded quickly to secure arrests and undertook an extensive and meticulous investigation involving numerous police teams all working closely together.

“This relentless hard work and excellent teamwork led to the ten defendants putting in early pleas and we now await their sentencing.

“I would also like to thank the public for their help with our enquiries as the investigation progressed which has helped us bring these violent offenders to justice.”

It’s just the latest horrific gang-related incident to come out of the capital in recent months, with this site also reporting on chilling stories of a twelve-man pack beatdown of an off-duty cop, a gang slaying on a London Tube train carried out with a so-called “Rambo knife”, and the brutal stabbing to death of a randomly chosen man in front of a six-year-old girl just because young London gangsters were told to get “notches on your blade”.