Teen lifeguard sexually assaulted by migrants as onlookers do nothing!

A 19-year-old French lifeguard was sexually assaulted on a busy beach by two migrants on Saturday afternoon, one of whom had been subject to a deportation order, with French media reporting that none of the many beach-goers came to her aid.

The incident occurred on the Escale Borély beach in Marseille, southern France at around 5.30pm when police responded to reports of the young lifeguard lying face-down at the foot of her lookout chair ladder crying.

According to La Provence, the two men, aged 25 and 28 started taking pictures of the young girl without her permission, before proceeding to lay hands on her, touching her “especially on the chest”.

The two attackers fled the scene but were caught by police and arrested at a nearby Ferris wheel, where they were arrested and taken to a nearby police station. It is understood the migrants became aggressive, attacking and injuring a police officer as they attempt to flee on several occasions.

It was later revealed that one of the two migrants had already been subject to a deportation order to leave France which had been ignored.

The attack once again raises a question about the safety of women in European nations which have seen a significant influx of illegal immigration over the past decade.

Close to 4 million individuals have migrated to Europe illegally since 2009, two thirds of whom are male and the majority having migrated from predominantly-Muslim countries. Many western European nations have seen a considerable increase in cases of rape and sexual assault, with a disproportionate number of offences being carried out by newcomers.

Figures quoted in the Wall Street Journal reveal that sexual assault in France surged by 32 per cent between 2016 to 2018. Newcomers in Germany meanwhile were responsible for 16 per cent of reported serious sexual assault cases between 2017 to 2019 despite accounting for just 2 per cent of the population.

Sweden saw a similar correlation, with 82 out of 112 suspects convicted of gang-rape between 2012-2017 having been born in countries outside of Europe.

The attack on the French lifeguard comes three months after a Pakistani migrant was arrested for sexually assaulting a female cop on a Paris express train, whilst on the same day another migrant inappropriately touched a female traveller and exposed himself to her, before fending off an intervening commuter with a knife.