Cops catch vicious knifepoint robbery gang after forensic investigation

Hero cops have brought a trio of vicious criminals to justice after carrying out painstaking forensic investigations to identify and apprehend men linked to a slew of shocking knifepoint commercial robberies in south London.

21-year-old Sean Tuso, 22-year-old Joshua Norris, and 20-year-old Joseph Hamilton-Peart have all been sent to jail after being sentenced at Croydon Crown Court on Wednesday.

Tuso has been given six years behind bars for conspiracy to rob, Norris got four years and four months for robbery and for handling stolen goods after pleading guilty last September, and Hamilton-Peart has been given three years for attempted robbery after a guilty plea.

But thanks to barmy UK prison rules, the trio could be out on probation after serving just half their sentences despite the dangerous nature of their criminal offences.

The robbers would arrive at shops on mopeds, wearing dark clothing and disguising their identities with crash helmets, before threatening staff with deadly weapons like Rambo knives and hammers in a bid to loot the store for cash, cigarettes, and booze.

The use of crash helmets threw up an obstacle for police investigators, rendering CCTV footage from the targeted shops insufficient to identify and nab the perps, but painstaking work by hero cops led to the criminals being tracked down.

A hammer sloppily left at the scene of the first heist revealed a partial DNA match to Joshua Norris after forensic study, a stolen Honda moped was found in the rear garden of Sean Tuso’s home following his arrest, and CCTV footage from outside the hostel where Tuso lived revealed Norris wearing the same clothes as were worn during one of the robberies.

Video evidence was found on Tuso’s phone of the suspects posing with clothing and knives used in the robberies, and a fingerprint belong to Hamilton-Peart was discovered on a Rambo knife at the scene of an attempted robbery.

Their spree of armed robberies is just one of many gang-related horror stories to come out of the capital in recent times, with this site also reporting on chilling stories of a twelve-man pack beatdown of an off-duty cop, a gang slaying on a London Tube train carried out with a so-called “Rambo knife”, a huge London gang riding to Nottingham to bust into a cannabis grow where they eventually stabbed the occupant, a trio of thugs being caged for a combined 84 years after a deadly drive-by shooting, and the brutal stabbing to death of a randomly chosen man in front of a six-year-old girl just because young London gangsters were told to get “notches on your blade”.