Three dead and six wounded in terrifying street stabbing

Horror struck in the German city of Würzburg today as a crazed knifeman carried out a terrifying stabbing rampage, killing at least three people and leaving six others wounded.

Footage on social media shows the culprit, who appears to be of a migrant background, lunging at members of the public and security officers as they try to confront him and bring him down.

More footage shows later scenes after a larger crowd has gathered, with the cowardly criminal scurrying off up a side street when the crowd gets too big for him to intimidate and control with his blade.

A police car is then seen arriving at the scene, following the fearless crowd chasing the man away.

Local police say they have now arrested the man, and online footage shows the man brought down to the ground surrounded by officers – with some reporting that the authorities had to discharge their firearms.

Commentators online were shocked by the violent scenes, but also praised brave members of the German public who confronted the attacker in a bid to protect others.

“Good to see random people are so done with this shit” said one user on Twitter while another user commended a man in shorts who was particularly bold in confronting the attacker.

Others saw the incident as a sad and predictable outcome of liberal immigration policy and voiced support for the populist Alternative für Deutschland party, with one user saying: “Alice Weidel must be Chancellor RIGHT NOW!”

The incident comes less than a week after cops in Rome were forced to shoot a wild knife-wielding migrant who had been threatening innocent bystanders outside Rome’s Termini railway station.

The Ghanian migrant was eventually shot in the leg and brought down, with populist firebrand Matteo Salvini having to defend the hero cops from left-wing loons who would rather see violent criminals treated with kid gloves.