Knife psycho who killed three was one of Merkel’s million migrants

It has now been confirmed that the crazed knifeman who killed three women in the German city of Würzburg on Friday was one of more than a million migrants let into Germany by the widely criticised open borders refugee policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel at the height of the European migrant crisis.

The crazed migrant came from Somalia and was given “subsidiary protection” upon arrival in May 2015.

On Friday he went to a department store in Würzburg, and asked to be directed to the knives. He then stabbed three women to death and injured at least six other people in a chilling knife rampage.

This site showed shocking images from social media that afternoon as the sick killer continued to prowl the streets, being confronted by brave Germans and local security officers before being chased off by a large crowd he could no longer intimidate with his deadly blade.

But new information from early court proceedings reveals that he was indeed from a migrant background, having arrived in the country just six years ago after Angela Merkel threw open the floodgates and let in more than a million migrants.

He had no criminal record but had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital twice in recent months – once for refusing to get out of somebody’s car after being given a lift, and later for brandishing a knife in a row with residents and staff at a housing shelter.

“Thank God we people managed to scare him a little bit, distract him, he got tired, and thank God it didn’t turn out even worse” said one of the participants in the bid to stop the carnage, who also resides in a nearby shelter.

Local cops are now probing whether the man was motivated by Islamic extremism amid police reports that he shouted “Allahu akbar” during Friday’s chaos.