Heathrow’s new Union flag display sends woke Twitter into meltdown

A Union flag display at a Heathrow Airport arrivals lounge has sparked yet another flag debate and sent the anti-British, anti-patriots into meltdown.

A tweet from ITV’s royal editor Chris Ship praising the display was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from passionate Brits hailing it as “fantastic” and “a great way to welcome people”.

However, naturally the woke brigade chose yet again to be offended at the sight of the national flag.

“Absolutely awful. Why don’t they just put up the swastika? It is getting ridiculous,” wrote one social media user who ironically had the Union Jack in their name.

“I used to be proud of saying I was British when I was abroad. The absolute state of this. Why are we shoving the Union Flag everywhere?” lamented another clearly unhappy that the nation’s largest airport had the audacity to display the flag of the country in which travellers had arrived.

A third labelled it “tacky” whilst another claimed it “screams insecurity and little country syndrome”, adding: “Don’t see the need for all this political flag flying nonsense recently.”

However, the permanently offended were drowned out by those supporting the airport for the patriotic act.

“Looks amazing, why are people so against having a bit pride in their country?” asked a current serviceman.

“That’s brilliant,” replied another social media user, suggesting that “all UK airports should follow suit.”

The flying of the national flag seems to have become somewhat controversial in recent times… The Union flag was recently banned in video debates by the Presiding Officer in the Welsh parliament.

A local authority bureaucrat in England recently took down Union Jack bunting put up by Tory councillors on the basis it was “overtly political” and “not appropriate”, whilst the Royal Mail banned its posties from flying England flags during the Euros.

And a story that received national attention saw a school in West London succumb to pressure from the far-left by deciding not to fly the Union flag any longer after it was torn down by students citing its colonial connotations.

Remainers have even been outraged by supermarkets using Union flag packaging to promote British-sourced products. One EU-obsessed fanatic went as far to say they were “intimidated” by it…