Raped pregnant woman gang-raped by migrants after seeking their help

A young pregnant woman who sought the help of three Pakistani migrants shortly after being raped by an Afghan refugee was led to an underground flat and gang-raped in a sickening ordeal reported by Greek media.

The initial attack took place on Tuesday evening in the Omonia neighbourhood of Athens where the 25-year-old woman had travelled to in order to get her mobile phone repaired. She was reportedly approached by a young Afghan male who “led her to a dark spot and raped her”, according to Proto Thema.

In a state of shock, the young woman called out to a group of three Pakistani men for help, who took her in a taxi to a flat in Agios Panteleimon, where she was subsequently gang-raped by the men.

The victim of the horrifiying ordeal screamed out which alerted neighbours and forced the rapists to let her leave the flat, however she immediately reported the attack to the police who swiftly arrested and charged the three Pakistani migrants. The assailants – aged 19, 21 and 27 – have now been charged and are being held in an Athens police station.

The three Pakistani men accused of gang-raping a 25-year-old pregnant Greek woman

Police found the woman’s underwear and other articles of clothing at the flat which have now been tested for DNA in a bid to track down the fourth man, the Afghan responsible for the initial rape who has not yet been caught or identified as a manhunt continues across the Greek capital.

The Athens Prosecutor’s Office filed a criminal prosecution against the three Pakistanis on Wednesday, all of whom have been charged with rape, aiding and abetting rape and kidnapping.