“Priti Patel? I’d say Priti useless” Farage speaks from migrant beach landing

Nigel Farage has warned of a record number of illegal immigrants arriving by boat to Britain this year unless the Home Office takes back control of Britain’s borders.

Reporting on yet another beach landing by undocumented migrants at Dungeness on Monday morning, Farage blasted home secretary Priti Patel for her department’s total failure to stop the ongoing influx of dinghies coming from the continent.

“They’ve scarpered, there’s a big man hunt going on now across the Romney Marsh,” Farage said as he stood in front of an vacated dinghy on a beach in Kent.

“This on the day that once again Priti Patel tells us she’s going to get tough. All these people will be deported to somewhere in Africa – it will never happen!

“Twenty on this boat, another landing 3 miles down – 45 on that boat. Why are they reaching the beaches? You can see it’s a foggy day, it’s very difficult for Border Force or anyone else to pick them up,” Farage explained.

“We are currently running at double the rate of last year,” warned the former Brexit Party leader, referencing the 5,000 migrants who have already arrived in Britain in 2021.

“It will be at least 20,000 this year unless something is done. That is coming at a massive cost to this country!

“Please bear this in mind, when the newspapers show you pictures of young kids and women 85 per cent of those who come are young men between 18 and 28 years old. Frankly, we’ve no idea who any of them are!

“Priti Patel? I’d say pretty useless!”