WATCH | “Go get a job!” Medic abuses freelancers reporting on migrant crisis

An employee of a private medical services company responsible for checking over illegal migrants arriving across the Channel has been caught abusing freelance reporters filming the ongoing migrant crisis in the south east of England.

The medic, reportedly an employee of Medevent Medical Services Ltd was filmed calling those drawing attention to the ongoing situation at Dover Marina “parasites”, and urged them to “go get a job”, suggesting they were all probably on benefits.

The footage, captured by independent reporter Steve Laws shows the medic shout: “Go and get a life! When have you gotta work? Oh, you probably don’t work do you? You live off benefits!”

Reporters hit back calling his abuse “disgraceful”, prompting the medic to tell them all to “go and get a job”.

“Who are the parasites of the country? You!” said the medic, pointing at the reporters.

Mr Laws later updated his social media followers to confirm that “the man abusing us has been sent off site and one of the senior Medevent staff came over to apologise for his actions.”

An email from the company confirmed that it had swiftly “taken action” following the incident and “apologised most profusely for the staff member’s actions”.

The freelancers have continued to provide an invaluable insight into the severity of the migrant crisis, filming and reporting on the arrivals of illegal immigrants every day which is often largely ignored by the mainstream media.

More than 5,000 illegal immigrants have made their way to Britain via the English Channel in 2021, more than double the amount for the same period last year.

UK Border Force has been heavily criticised for its handling of the crisis on the ground after it was caught picking up migrants from French territorial waters and transporting them to Britain, prompting parliamentarians to dismiss the operation as “little more than a taxi service” for illegal immigrants.

The freelancers on the ground have already confirmed at least 20 illegal immigrants have arrived by dinghy on Monday, all of whom are checked over and processed in Dover before being escorted by coach to their accommodation.