Colin Brazier and Andrew Doyle slam latest woke idiocy

GB News hosts Colin Brazier and Andrew Doyle have slammed the looming threat that youngsters could have their teachers subjected to punishment over so-called “microaggressions” – the latest woke nonsense imported into the UK by loony leftists, direct from American university activists.

This site reported yesterday on warnings made by headteacher Nicholas Hewlett, master of top independent school St Dunstan’s College, who said the UK is raising a “righteous generation” of young people fuelled by a “culture of outrage” and intent on channelling it towards getting teachers sacked.

Brazier and former teacher Andrew Doyle have now chimed in during GB News’ regular news feature Woke Watch, expressing disbelief at the warped new state of affairs.

“It’s not quite the Killing Fields of Cambodia, with Khmer Rouge kids sniffing out enemies of the revolution, but there is a whiff of Year Zero nonetheless” said Brazier.

“These are pupils who are increasingly aware that they can land a teacher they dislike in hot water.”

Doyle claimed that the majority of allegations made against teachers are false and new moves will only embolden malicious false allegations against targeted educators.

“There are incidents where teachers do abuse their power and do behave incredibly badly, and often criminally, and those things have to be taken seriously. So I sympathise with the schools having to take the allegations seriously.

“But where the unions struggle is that it gives a lot of power to malicious complaints from children who want to get out of trouble.”

The pair then went to discuss a whole list of barmy so-called microaggressions that could cause offense and give rise to disciplinary measures – including saying common phrases like “God bless you”, “where are you from”, and raising an eyebrow at the wrong person.

Brazier then went on to discuss the Kafkaesque disciplinary process faced by teachers accused of transgressing against new loony left fads: “Ordinarily when justice is served there’s a process we rely on that’s been refined for hundreds of years from the common law all the way through. This is just something that’s been dreamed up on a campus in America and now we’ve bought it, hook, line, and sinker.”