More boat illegals came to Britain in the last three days than in all of 2018

Shocking new numbers reveal that 422 migrants arrived in the UK illegally by small boat in the last three days, with 107 arriving on Monday while a whopping 315 landed in Britain over the weekend.

That means more migrants came to Britain across the Channel this weekend than came throughout all of 2018, when just 299 arrived in the country through that route.

Numbers have surged in the years since, with 1835 migrants landing in 2019 and 8713 coming in 2020.

2021 figures are currently on course to blow past 2020’s record-breaking illegal immigrant count, with 5756 boat illegals landing in the country already – as some of the warmest months of the year still lay ahead.

Analysis from the UK’s top immigration think tank Migration Watch has shown how figures to 6 June were already 150% higher than during the same period last year, with 4389 migrants swarming in compared to just 1754 in 2020.

That number has now skyrocketed by 1367 in just over three weeks, highlighting how much higher the number could get as people smugglers and illegals look to exploit favourable seasonal weather.

If that rate of increase holds all year, it would see the UK take in 21,802 illegals by small boat this year – the numeric equivalent of twenty military battalions, four brigades, or two army divisions.

This site reported yesterday on renewed efforts by the government to deal with the rising tide of illegal entry, with legislation now going through parliament that will strip illegals of any right to permanently settle in the UK.

The government is also looking to partner up with the hardline anti-immigration government of Denmark to jointly process illegals off-shore, to avoid them setting foot on British soil.

But Brexit icon Nigel Farage, reporting from the ground in Kent by an abandoned dinghy yesterday, appeared unimpressed by the promises and referred to the Home Secretary as “Priti Useless”.

“They’ve scarpered, there’s a big man hunt going on now across the Romney Marsh” he said, referring to some recently arrived migrants.

“This on the day that once again Priti Patel tells us she’s going to get tough. All these people will be deported to somewhere in Africa – it will never happen!

“Twenty on this boat, another landing 3 miles down – 45 on that boat. Why are they reaching the beaches? You can see it’s a foggy day, it’s very difficult for Border Force or anyone else to pick them up.”