Brexiteer Galloway slams BBC interviewer for pro-Labour bias

Veteran left-winger George Galloway has slammed the BBC ahead of tomorrow’s key Batley & Spen by-election, accusing interviewer Martine Croxall of pro-Labour bias.

“Is this Labour TV, or is it the BBC?” he asked in exasperation after being asked repeatedly if he could be siphoning votes away from Labour candidate Kim Leadbeater.

“Look, there’s no such thing as a ‘Labour vote’. There are only voters. Individual human beings, who have to be persuaded to vote for you.

“Now your concern for the fate of the Labour Party in this constituency is touching, probably in breach of the BBC’s charter – one of the reasons why people are switching off the BBC News in droves.

“I’m fighting to win this election. If you vote for me, you’ll get me. I have no obligation to any other party in this election, and I repeat what I said earlier: you quite simply would never ask these questions of anyone else.

“You wouldn’t ask the Liberal Democrat if he was happy to let in the Tories. Why are you asking me?”

He went on to brand the interview a waste of taxpayers’ money and refused to back down when the BBC interviewer told him it was funded by the TV Licence.

“What’s the difference between a licence fee and a tax? Do you want to have a debate about that?”

Galloway is running for his recently formed Workers Party and is expected to create a headache for Labour, with many experts on the ground predicting that he could drive Labour into third place and compete with the Tories for the win.

Labour has held the seat since 1997, but polling predicts the Tories will win the election and take another brick out of the Red Wall. Surging support for Galloway among Batley’s large Muslim population puts him in with a shot, however, and it could come down to Galloway and Tory candidate Ryan Stephenson.

Galloway, who campaigned extensively for Brexit in 2016, has pitched himself firmly on the left but without many of the unpalatable aspects of modern loony left politics – slamming woke idiocy, defending the Union, and calling for a return to traditional worker-focused politics.