“Stop stereotyping refugees” says mayor after migrant knife rampage

Christian Schuchardt, the Mayor of Würzburg, has demanded that citizens of the city stop stereotyping refugees – less than a week after one of the migrants let into the country by Angela Merkel went on a wild stabbing rampage that killed at least three people.

This site showed shocking footage from the streets of the city as brave Germans stood up to resist his sick attack, chasing him up a street as the cowardly thug found himself overwhelmed by the numbers.

It’s also been revealed that one of the victims died while sheltering her 11-year-old daughter from the vile attack, while early court proceedings show the migrant arrived in the country just six years ago when Angela Merkel threw open the floodgates in a deranged immigration plan that was widely panned.

In an open letter to citizens of the city, Mayor Schuchardt devotes one paragraph to the victims of the attack and another paragraph to praising members of the public who intervened to stop the crazed knifeman.

But he then goes on to give three paragraphs to an impassioned plea for citizens of his city to avoid drawing connections between the horrific crime and the barmy immigration policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose CDU party Schuchardt represents.

“But yesterday evening I also cried for our city” he writes. “Because of this rash action, this equation seems obvious. Refugees, immigrants, violent criminals, religious warriors and terrorists – massacres. And yet, not everything that limps is alike. Solving such cases takes some policing, but the crime – and I understand that – is already being attributed today.

“The crimes of individuals can never be traced back to population groups, religions or nationalities. Even we Germans were not condemned across the board after the Second World War. Neither does this now apply to Somalis or refugees in general. This stereotyped thinking must come to an end. And at the same time there will be no end. This is my moral demand, my wish to the society that I know cannot come true. Because how would you feel as a foreigner in our city today?

“All the more, the enlightenment, the work against it in this direction must be the object of our social endeavours in order to enable a peaceful and self-determined existence for each individual, who can also be assigned to any group.”