The woke brigade can’t handle too much national pride, attempts to cancel David Baddiel

The nation is bursting with pride after England finally beat the Germans in tournament knockout football for the first time since 1966. The English are belting out ‘Three Lions’ on repeat up and down the country, daring to dream that maybe, just maybe this time it is actually coming home.

So naturally, Woke Twitter considers it its duty to attempt to bring the mood down by taking offence to the song’s co-writer David Baddiel for being on the airwaves on Wednesday, dragging up a sketch involving him blacking up as ex-footballer Jason Lee on a fantasy football TV show back in *checks notes* 1994.

Baddiel was invited onto Radio 4’s Today programme this morning to offer his thoughts on England’s chances and to reminisce about the classic hit, co-written with Frank Skinner and the English rock band the Lightning Seeds ahead of Euro ’96, however it didn’t take some social media users long to fire up the cancel culture mob and get him trending on Twitter, renewing their outrage over a comedy sketch which was on the telly some 27 years ago.

They even turned on one of their own, woke idol James O’Brien, who clearly didn’t get the memo that Baddiel was now public enemy number one and must be burned at the stake for his unforgivable crime…

Baddiel apologised for the outdated comedy show last year, insisting he regretted “the make-up and costume, which however much it might have been in the show’s tradition of dressing up to look like footballers in a silly cartoon way, was also part of another very bad racist tradition.”

Naturally, a heartfelt apology isn’t enough for some, who insist on eradicating anyone with whom they disagree or disapprove of from the face of the Earth…