WATCH | Boris outwits Starmer in response to Hancock’s sacking at PMQs

Boris Johnson outplayed Sir Keir Starmer during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday in response to a question on former health secretary Matt Hancock’s sacking.

Starmer attempted to pin the prime minister down on the circumstances surrounding Mr Hancock’s forced resignation following the revelation of his affair with a health department aide during the pandemic.

Mr Johnson however reminded the Labour leader that it took him days to attempt to sack Angela Rayner from his shadow cabinet, only to end up promoting her after uproar from factions within his party.

“The Rt. Honourable Gentleman will notice that the health secretary has changed in the last five days,” Boris quipped, gesturing to Sajid Javid who was back sitting on the government’s front bench.

“He complains about the speed with which that happened… This government moved at positively lightning speed compared to the Rt. Honourable Gentleman opposite who spent three days trying and failing to sack his deputy leader, who he then promoted Mr Speaker!

“He fires, and rehires!” Boris said as he taunted the Labour leader amid much derisive jeering from the government benches.

Watch the full exchange here: