Wokeists try to stir up race row as nation unites around England win

While people across England have celebrated last night’s magnificent 2-0 win over Germany in the Euros, woke activists online have tried to use the popular and unifying event to promote divisive loony left race politics.

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu took to the social media platform Twitter to complain about media coverage of the victory and the fact that many British newspapers used a photo of England captain Harry Kane on their cover. Kane ended a much noted goal drought during last night’s game, but he also happens to be white.

“RAHEEM STERLING – SAY HIS NAME” insisted Mos-Shogbamimu. “It says everything that his face isn’t splashed across British papers this morning except for one. The majority chose to put ONE face – a White one. Why is that? This is how history is rewritten before our eyes”

Sterling was widely celebrated by the British press for his impressive performances in the group stages, and was also displayed on the front page of the Sun newspaper today along with the celebratory headline “55 years of hurt never stopped us Raheeming!”

Responding to Mos-Shogbamimu’s racially obsessed outburst, GB News host Colin Brazier said: “Raheem Sterling made it onto these front pages today. Harry Kane made it onto others. Because he’d ended his goal drought. Was unlikely now to be dropped. And Sterling had been on the front pages after the two previous games, in which he scored. News values, not racism.”

Others have tried to put a crimp in celebrations by dredging up old comedy skits by David Baddiel, one of the men behind the iconic football anthem Three Lions – which was widely sung by fans last night as they celebrated the sporting triumph.

“David Baddiel is currently on the Today programme showering praise on Raheem Sterling” complained miserable left-wing news media analyst Mic Wright. “I wonder if they could have got someone who has still not apologised to the footballer he mocked by putting on blackface and a pineapple hairdo on national television.”