National Education Union blasted for “sinister” new woke report

The UK’s biggest teaching union has been blasted by a top Tory MP for a “sinister” new report seen by the Daily Telegraph, which calls for teachers to be given “activist training” and discusses how to “make white privilege and colonialism visible” in Britain’s schools.

“This is sinister” said Common Sense Group chairman Sir John Hayes MP. “To think that people with such a warped view of the past, present and future should be instructing our children is chilling.

“The truth is Britain has made disproportionately noble contributions to the history of the world.”

The report claims that: “From curriculum to routines to classroom layout, our education system has been shaped by colonisation and neo-liberalism.”

It also discusses the idea that specialists could be drafted in to “train teachers and schools on whiteness, anti-racism, creating tools for critical self-reflection and understanding the system”.

News of the report comes just weeks after it was revealed that the UK’s Border Force, who are charged with protecting and securing the nation’s borders, had blown tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money on pay-outs to an equality, diversity and inclusion training and consultancy firm.

Others joined Sir John in his criticism. “Schools are there to educate pupils, not evangelise for extreme ideologies or turn children into activists” said former headteacher Mark Lehain. “It’s sad that a union would encourage its members to push things that are so divisive.”

Two weeks ago, this website reported on a brewing row in Brighton where parents have banded together with campaign group Don’t Divide Us to petition their local council over disturbing new calls from council members to introduce left-wing Critical Race Theory to classrooms – without seeking public consultation.

The problem is even more widespread in the United States, where the academic fad first originated, and is now sparking serious pushback from popular elected officials.

Last month, the Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis hailed a Board of Education decision in his state that reformed the civics curriculum to exclude the barmy teachings of radical left-wingers.