British exports to EU surge despite Project Fear lies

British exports to the European Union increased by eight percent in May, with British exporters selling an additional one billion pounds worth of goods to the continent compared to April’s haul.

The figures will further rubbish the outrageous lies peddled about the economic impacts of Brexit by pro-EU Remain campaigners in the run-up to the historic 2016 referendum – lies that were repeated constantly in the fallout of that democratic verdict in a mad bid to overturn the result.

Total exports worldwide rose nearly five percent too, with an additional three hundred million pounds worth of exports going to countries outside the struggling EU.

The nation’s trade deficit also narrowed in May, falling by £1.3bn to just £2.2bn – as the world renowned British services sector produced a whopping surplus of £28.1bn in the three months ending in May 2021.

It’s more good news for the British economy, coming in the wake of data last month that showed average UK salaries on the rise since the end of free movement.

The recent export figures, which come from Britain’s Office for National Statistics, also reveal how Brexit Britain is using its newfound freedom to go global – with Brits increasingly importing their goods from around the world instead of just the EU, as imports from non-EU countries outstripped their European counterparts for the fifth month in a row.

It follows an assessment made by a top EU expert back in April, reported on by this website, who said that early trading data had demonstrated that “the forecasts of unmitigated gloom” peddled by establishment Remainers had been “wrong and deceitful”.

“When economists failed to predict the global financial crisis, they did not so out of malice or political bias.” he said. “But their Brexit forecasts were not an innocent mistake – nor will they be remembered as such.”