Loony left meltdown over patriotic Downing Street flag display

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has caused some members of Britain’s loony left to fume over a brilliant new patriotic English flag display outside Number 10 Downing Street, as the PM joins most people in England in getting into the football spirit as the national team prepares to take on Italy in tomorrow’s Euros final.

The showdown will be England’s first appearance in a major tournament final since the 1966 World Cup, when the Jules Rimet trophy was famously lifted by legendary team captain Bobby Moore.

Mr Johnson’s brilliant new St George Cross display has delighted many, with England fans calling the PM “a legend” for his unashamed patriotism.

But while many applauded the PM, many dour faces on the loony left attacked him for the decorations.

“How terribly crass, embarrassing and distastefully orchestrated” complained one Twitter user whose own handle begins with a gay pride flag.

“This makes me feel sick” whinged another sad sack while another compared the Prime Minister to the controversial English Defence League for daring to display the English flag: “The EDL has never been closer to Number 10”

The left wing meltdown follows a number of recent embarrassing incidents that saw lefties complain about ordinary Brits taking pride in their country and their flag.

This website reported late last month on left-wing wheezing over a beautiful new Union flag installation at Heathrow airport, with one of their miserable number comparing it to the flag of the hated Third Reich.

Just days later, anti-UK activists in Wales launched a petition calling on Cardiff council members to retract planning permission that could see the government put a large Union flag on a government building near Cardiff’s main train station.

But perhaps nothing is more pathetic than the woman who complained to Morrisons that featuring a Union flag on their butter packaging had turned her fridge into “a UKIP advert”.