“It’s out of control!” Farage predicts 30,000 Channel migrants this year

Nigel Farage has predicted that Britain will see 30,000 illegal immigrants arrive from across the English Channel this year, as another 254 migrants reach Britain’s shores on Monday.

Speaking from the southern coast, the former Reform UK leader reported on the early morning arrivals, courtesy of RNLI who taxied the undocumented migrants to port.

“On that particular pick up, there were 58 people,” Farage revealed. “As ever, it’s over 85 per cent young men between the ages of 18 and 30.

“If they really are refugees, and they’re coming from countries that are so awful, why are they deserting all the women and children? None of this actually adds up!

“As I speak to you, in Dover there are Border Force vessels that are still in port. Why are the RNLI doing this job that Border Force ought to be doing?” Farage asked, reigniting his feud with the charity which began last week when he accused them of becoming a “taxi service for illegal immigration”.

“I met a guy not ten minutes ago who said to me he had served fifteen years [at the RNLI]. He’s now resigned, saying this is not what he signed up for,” Farage claimed, adding that “these local communities, who have been a part of Lifeboats for two hundred years, they don’t want to become a taxi service frankly operating to make the criminal gangs huge amounts of money.”

Mr Farage had previously predicted that the number of illegal immigrants arriving across the Channel this year could be as high as 20,000 – a new record and three times that of last year, however he now fears it could be even more.

“I said eight weeks ago that I thought the number that come this year will be 20,000. At this current pace, it could even be 30,000! It’s totally out of control. Watch this space – this, over the course of the next few weeks, apart from Covid, will be the biggest story in British politics.

“I have no confidence that Boris Johnson, Priti Patel or any of them have the courage or the guts to deal with it.

“And don’t think that voters across the country aren’t noticing,” Farage warned the prime minister. “They are, and so they should!”