WATCH | GB News presenter criticised for taking the knee on-air

GB News viewers were outraged this morning after presenter Guto Harri took the knee live on-air during a debate with co-presenter Mercy Muroki on racism in football.

After discussing England footballer Tyrone Mings’ criticism of Priti Patel in which he accused the Home Secretary of “stoking the fire” and describing taking the knee as “gesture politics”, the GB News presenter shocked viewers as he took the knee during Tuesday’s broadcast.

“I’ve never understood why people would find it offensive,” Harri said. “Having seen over the last few days just how deep-rooted racism among some England football fans is, I totally get it why this squad thought ‘we have to say that racism is not on’.

“And I, with the benefit of hindsight, I actually now get it. And so much so, that I think we should all take the knee.

“Why not take the knee now? It’s a gesture but it’s an important gesture.”

Prior to her co-presenter adopting the gesture, Mercy Muroki explained that due to its association with the far-left activist Black Lives Matter campaign, many people who are still against racism are legitimately against taking the knee and being anti-racist and anti-BLM are not mutually exclusive.

“Expressing a view on racism and expressing a view on taking the knee are not one and the same – they’re not synonymous, and that’s where I think a lot of the conflation has happened.

“Which means that if you don’t agree with taking the knee then people think that you don’t agree with anti-racism. I would die on this hill that it simply is not the same thing!” Muroki claimed.

“So many people are against racism, of course, but whether we like it or not, taking the knee has become divisive because it’s been associated with Black Lives Matter.”

Viewers were incensed and took to social media to express their disapproval.

One wrote: “I turned to watching @GBNEWS to get away from wokism and having BLM gestures shoved down my throat. Oh no what do I see a presenter kneeling. Really what a shame. Switched off.”

“Personally, I believe that adopting a gesture that is so closely associated with a Marxist organisation is a big mistake by @Guto_Harri today on @GBNEWS,” another added. “There are other more appropriate things to do. There is no place for racism. Full stop. It’s not just about football.”

“GB News just went into full self-destruct mode. Not even BBC presenters pull stunts like that live-on-air,” wrote a third whilst others accused Mr Harri of “totally missing the point” and vowed to be “finished watching this crap”.

Others praised co-presenter Mercy Muroki for her measured viewpoint on the clearly divisive topic.

“Thank goodness for @MercyMuroki who speaks sense and is level headed,” wrote one viewer.

Another claimed “@MercyMuroki looking rightly embarrassed” whilst a third wrote: “Guto Harri is wrong and Mercy Muroki is right.

“Guto said that much of the public won’t know about BLM and what it stands for – absolutely not true. To call it just a gesture is naive – it is a divisive gesture riddled with politics. Politics is divisive keep it out of sport.”