Polish judges defy EU order in “clear step towards taking Poland out of EU”

Polish judges have spectacularly rebuked unaccountable activist lawyers in Luxembourg, slapping down demands from the hated European Court of Justice that new constitutional reforms passed by the democratically elected Polish government must be suspended.

Righteously denying the supremacy of EU law, senior judge Stanisław Piotrowicz insisted that the EU diktat was not compatible with the Polish constitution.

The controversy has arisen from new measures from the governing Law and Justice party to root out and remove Communist-era judges who remain on the bench, despite the sweeping changes that have taken place across Poland since the fall of the tyrannical Soviet Union.

The reforms also aim to take certain issues out of the jurisdiction of unaccountable European courts, returning a degree of legal power to Poland’s own judges on matters that effect Poland.

Swivel-eyed Europhiles have taken badly to the court ruling, highlighting once again their fanatical support for EU meddling in domestic affairs and their thinly-veiled contempt for national sovereignty.

“Against the wishes of the vast majority of Polish people who want a EU future, the populist governing PiS party is determined to take Poland out of the EU. Will anyone act to stop them before it is too late?” asked desperate former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, potentially seeing another blow coming for his beloved European project.

“It is not Poland, but Kaczyński with his party leaving the EU. And only we, Poles, can successfully oppose it. Because, contrary to the PiS propaganda, no one in the Union is forcibly holding back anyone” whinged former Polish PM and European Council President Donald Tusk, whose Civic Platform party saw their support in Poland collapse by 15 points following his stint in office – paving the way for a Law and Justice government.

“The refusal to implement rulings of the European Court of Justice in Poland is a clear step towards taking Poland out of the European Union” added MEP Jeroen Lenaers.