Afghan asylum seeker given life sentence for stabbing rampage in Sweden

A 22-year-old Afghan asylum seeker has been sentenced to life in Sweden for an indiscriminate stabbing spree which seriously injured seven people.

Tamin Sultani attacked pedestrians in the southern town of Vetlanda back in March, injuring seven and leaving three with life-threatening injuries of which they have since recovered.

Whilst initially treated as a terror attack, according to the police report, prosecutors eventually settled on multiple charges of attempted murder and Sultani was convicted by Eksjö District Court on Wednesday.

It was confirmed shortly after his arrest that Sultani was an Afghan citizen who had sought refuge in Sweden back in 2016, moving to Vetlanda in April of last year.

He was already known to police and had previously been convicted for minor crimes.

His temporary residence permit had expired at the time of the attack, meaning he was no longer allowed to study or seek work in Sweden.

During his trial, the court heard that Sultani had grabbed a large kitchen knife from his home after becoming upset about something blasphemous.

In proving attempted murder, prosecutors told the court he stabbed a number of his victims near their “vital organs”, with apparent disregard for whether they lived or died.

Sultani attempted to persuade the court that he had been suicidal himself and had made multiple attempts to end his life in the lead up to the attack. His defence team told the court Sultani could not remember stabbing a number of his victims, however a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation found that he had not been mentally incapacitated and qualified for a prison sentence.

The court confirmed that Sultani will be deported to Afghanistan upon the completion of his sentence.