Shocking footage as 30 migrants storm a beach in Kent

Beachgoers were left shocked on Monday morning as a boat containing around 30 undocumented migrants landed in Kent, before occupants dispersed in an attempt to evade authorities.

Sunbathers captured the shocking footage at Oldstairs Bay near Kingsdown as a dinghy pulled up to shore and stormed the beach around 11am. They proceeded to run off in a number of directions with Border Force and local police nowhere to be seen.

One eye witness told The Sun: “It was unbelievable. They managed to get on land and then just ran all over the place in every direction.

“Some went down a footpath, others into the town in different directions, a group went up a hill and another towards the opposite end of town. 

“One minute I was relaxing and sunbathing and then the boat arrived. It was huge. It only took them a few seconds and they were gone.”

A total of 241 migrants on eight boats crossed the English Channel on Sunday, brought to Dover by Border Force, as the warmer weather and fairer sailing conditions encouraged more undocumented migrants to make the journey.

On-the-ground reporter Steve Laws has claimed hundreds more arrived on Monday as more vessels appear to evade authorities and land directly on Britain’s beaches.

The total of new arrivals this year is fast-approaching the 8,410 illegal newcomers last year, with Britain set to see a record 20,000+ immigrants land on its shores in 2021.