Farage kicks off GB News show with takedown of government illegals crisis

Brexit icon Nigel Farage broadcast the first episode of his eagerly anticipated GB News television show last night, with a major highlight being his no nonsense takedown of the government’s appalling failure over the huge influx of illegal migrants flooding into Britain across the English Channel.

This website reported yesterday on shocking footage of dozens of illegal migrants landing on a beach in Kent, disturbing ordinary Brits trying to enjoy the sweltering hot English weather. “One minute I was relaxing and sunbathing and then the boat arrived. It was huge. It only took them a few seconds and they were gone” said one eyewitness.

430 illegals landed in Britain by small boat yesterday, the largest single-day number ever recorded, putting the total for 2021 so far at a whopping 8,160 – with 2,254 of them coming in the last three weeks alone.

But like millions of patriotic Brits, former Reform UK leader Nigel Farage has had enough of the government’s failure on the issue as boats of the UK’s so-called Border Force continue to ferry hundreds of illegal immigrants into the country regularly.

“I think that within the space of the next few weeks, this will become the biggest non-COVID story in this country” said Farage. “I think the numbers that are coming are about to explode.”

He went on to add: “Already, by mid-July, we’re at a position where the numbers that have arrived are as big as last year.

“I predicted a few weeks ago that I thought the total number would be 20,000. I’m beginning to think that may be an underestimate because the size of some of the boats that are coming is radically different.”

He went on to play exclusive footage of migrants from under the white cliffs of Dover, as they were escorted along the beach by British authorities.

“Did you notice anything about the 47?” he asked, going on to say: “There’s 47 on that boat, other boats have had up to as many as 70 on board, so the boats are getting bigger.

“But did you notice anything about those 47 people? Did you spot anything? How many women did you see? How many children did you see? No – they’re 47 young men, all under the age of 30, and that is the norm.

“For all we hear from the Refugee Council, from most of our mainstream broadcast media, about these ‘desperate people’ – well I’m not so sure that desperate people have brand new Nike trainers, smart iPhones, who when they arrive high-five each other or punch the air.

“This is economic migration. Very, very few of these people would ever qualify as refugees.”

He went on to warn that Britain was being “humiliated” by the situation, and cast doubt once again on Priti Patel’s capacity to solve the issue. “She keeps telling us what she’s going to do, and nothing has changed, the problem is getting worse.”