Home Office to hand French MORE taxpayer money despite record illegal immigration

The Home Office is set to hand over even more of British taxpayers’ cash to French authorities in a bid to stem the flow of undocumented migrants arriving from the continent.

In a press release on Tuesday evening, Priti Patel’s department announced another UK-France agreement had been struck with the French interior minister to “take stronger action” in tackling boat crossings.

Britain will pay French authorities another £54 million to double the number of French police patrolling its northern beaches and to deepen intelligence sharing.

In addition, the French will deploy “more cutting-edge technology to target criminal people smugglers” with both departments promising more “intensive collaboration to tackle the rise in crossings”.

A similar agreement was reached last November which saw the Home Office part with taxpayers’ cash to address the surge in illegal crossings. However, despite claims on both sides of the Channel that French authorities are stopping more attempted crossings, the number of illegals actually reaching the UK has skyrocketed.

430 migrants arrived on British shores on Monday in a new one-day record, many of whom were transported to land by UK Border Force and RNLI. Some however managed to evade authorities and shocked beachgoers as a boat containing 30 migrants landed at a beach in Kent in broad daylight.

Another 287 illegal immigrants reached Britain on Tuesday, according to government figures, bringing the annual total up to 8,452 – already more than 2020’s total haul with nearly half the year left to go…

The government’s Nationality and Borders Bill passed its second reading in the House of Commons late on Tuesday, with Home Secretary Priti Patel hoping it will have the desired effect in deterring migrants from upping sticks in France and heading to Britain.