Shocking new one-day record as 430 boat illegals flood into UK

At least 430 boat illegals flooded into the UK across the Channel yesterday, setting a chilling new single-day record as public concern over these unvetted migrants continues to surge.

Experts at the UK’s top immigration think tank Migration Watch have now warned that 2,254 illegals have arrived by that message in the first 19 days of July alone, bringing the annual total up to 8,160 already – just a few hundred short of 2020’s total haul with nearly half the year left to go.

Ominously, the group explains: “These numbers are based on reported arrivals so they could be a lot higher”.

With numbers swelling to unprecedented levels and more warm weather predicted throughout the summer, Nigel Farage’s prediction that numbers could reach 30,000 by the end of the year could prove to be prophetic.

The 430 one-day total comes after a huge Sunday for illegal migration, with 241 migrants arriving on that day too.

This website reported yesterday on shocking footage of dozens of migrants landing on a beach in Kent, shocking unsuspecting beach-goers enjoying the sweltering hot British weather, before they scurried off into the country to God knows where.

“It was unbelievable. They managed to get on land and then just ran all over the place in every direction” said a witness.

“Some went down a footpath, others into the town in different directions, a group went up a hill and another towards the opposite end of town. 

“One minute I was relaxing and sunbathing and then the boat arrived. It was huge. It only took them a few seconds and they were gone.”

And things have gotten even barmier today with Good Morning Britain journalist Pip Tomson witnessing 13 migrants crammed onto a 6-man dinghy in the early hours of this morning, presaging another shocking day of out of control illegal immigration.