‘Call in the military!’ says former Border Force chief

A former UK Border Force chief has claimed it is now time to call for a military response to the ongoing migrant crisis in the English Channel.

Speaking to GB News, ex-chief immigration officer, Kevin Saunders, said the situation is now so dire that urgent action is required to stem the flow of crossings.

“We’ve got to do something. I think probably we’ve now reached the point where we need to bring the military in to help us,” Mr Saunders told viewers.

He slammed his former employer, accusing UK Border Force of simply “operating a collection service from the Channel.

“We need to stop these people. We need the military to come and take over and help us to do this,” he added.

His comments come after a record number of arrivals in July so far. Monday set a chilling new single-day record as an eye-watering 430 undocumented migrants made their way to Britain, followed by a further 287 on Tuesday.

The number of migrants who have arrived via the Channel this year has now surpassed the record total set in 2020, with Nigel Farage predicting that as many as 30,000 could make it to British shores by the end of the year.