Education minister blasts loony left schemes to “decolonise” curriculum

The Minister of State for Schools Standards, Nick Gibb, has blasted loony left schemes to “decolonise” the curriculum and has pushed back against warped racist notions from the radical left that students from ethnic minority backgrounds are alienated by the works of “dead white men”.

“There is no reason why the work of a ‘dead white man’ is not appropriate for children from ethnic minorities to learn about. As Maya Angelou famously said, ‘Shakespeare must be a black girl,’ because his poetic words expressed so intensely what she, a victim of poverty, racism and childhood sexual abuse, felt inside” he said, in comments to the Social Market Foundation conference.

He also slammed the idea that shaking up the curriculum in the name of “representation” would foster a more equal or tolerant society, saying: “We will not create a more harmonious, tolerant and equal society through promoting a curriculum based on relevance to or representativeness of any one group. Nor will we do so by being ashamed of who we are and where we came from.”

Citing the writings of England manager Gareth Southgate, he also highlighted “how shared experiences, common memories and family history all come together to build a ‘collective consciousness’ and how our collective experience builds a sense of pride.”

“We cannot rewrite our history or undo our past mistakes” he said. “We should tell the full and true story of who we are and what, as a country, we have done; right and wrong. And, by doing so, we can build a broad and accepted understanding of the country and create a common sense of belonging and shared history.”

His comments come in the wake of brewing and connected rows about left-wing plans for the teaching of youngsters, with activists in the profession calling for kids to be fed a steady diet of left-wing critical race theory as the traditional cornerstones of education are increasingly de-centred.

Earlier this month, the National Education Union was criticised by a top Tory MP for a report he branded “sinister” because it called for teachers to be given “activist training” and discussed how to “make white privilege and colonialism visible” in Britain’s schools.

This website has also reported in recent months on measures being taken in the United States against the left-wing fads, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis banning the practice in the state’s taxpayer funded schools.