400 migrants cross the Channel as 1000s amass in Northern France waiting to be taken across by ruthless traffickers

The flood of illegal immigrants into the United Kingdom continues unabated following Sunday’s haul of 378 coming over from Northern France in 12 boats. 600 attempted the crossing in total.

Unlike last Monday’s huge tally of 430 in stunning sunshine and calm waters, Sunday’s armada set off in bad conditions.

During these summer months the UK is now faced with approximately 1000 migrants a week. Illegals crossings this year now come to around 9,200, having last week breached 2020’s record total of 8,410. Already, July has surpassed June by a thousand.

Current estimations put the eventual number for this year at 23,000, but the Times reports migrants are piling up on the French coast as they prepare to set off for England, placing their lives in the hands of ruthless people smugglers. 

As more and more and more economic migrants amass in Northern France criminals are desperately trying to access more flimsy crafts to put them aboard. 

Nigel Farage warned of a severe escalation in the crisis at the very beginning of this month, revealing on GB News that small boats used in the Channel are increasingly “held together with cheap wood and glue”. The Times corroborates the Brexit icon’s findings. Reporters have discovered that some of the crafts are only held together with duct tape and rely on bicycle inner tubes to stay buoyant. Gangs have also begun stealing smaller inflatables.

But in spite of crossings becoming more hazardous – Sunday’s activities show the weather is no obstacle – migrants continue to pay top dollar for the privilege.

The Daily Mail has discovered that Albanian gangs are luring wealthier migrants with advertisements on social media platforms like TikTok meaning that any genuine asylum seekers lining up on the French coast are being swamped by wealthier migrants eager to prosper in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the French continue their haphazard (at best) job of stopping migrants from reaching the UK with the help of £54m from the British taxpayer.

French authorities sent 88 migrants back yesterday, but attempts to keep track of migrants’ whereabouts before they set off, a key component of their strategy, are failing due to court a challenge against the use of drones.