WATCH | Aussie TV host slams BBC for refusing to report on stabbing of Christian preacher

An Australian TV host has hit out at the lack of reporting and condemnation by the British press following the brutal stabbing of Christian preacher Hatun Tash at the weekend.

The preacher, part of the group, DCCI (Defend Christ Critique Islam) Ministries was stabbed in the head and the arm by an unknown assailant dressed in a black hoodie who fled the scene.

Sky News Australia host Andrew Bolt lamented the lack of coverage the attack received, suggesting the near blackout across public broadcasters was due to the fact that reports could inflate racial tensions.

“I’m stunned, stunned again by the media’s cowardice,” Bolt raged. “Its refusal to tell you what’s really going on, particularly when it threatens your freedom, particularly when it involves Islam.

“Last night I told you of the stabbing of a Christian preacher, a convert from Islam called Hatun Tash, stabbed in the head and the arm as she was preaching at London’s Speakers’ Corner, a place symbolic of free speech in Britain.

“She’s very lucky to be alive,” Bolt told viewers as a video of the attack was shown on the programme.

“One week ago it was huge news in Britain and around the world when English footballers were sent racist insults on the internet. It was very ugly stuff – mass coverage – but we are talking here about mere words, not a knife in the head!

“So I was amazed to see no report in newspapers here of this attack, and almost no reports even in Britain. The one BBC report that I have found does not mention her name, what she was doing or why she might have been attacked.

“Woman attacked with knife”: The BBC’s headline in its report of the stabbing of a Christian preacher at Speakers’ Corner

“The attacker has not been found but we’re only speculating really but I don’t think I’m speculating too much when I wonder why there is no interest in this attack, because when you look closer I think you’ll understand exactly why not,” Bolt claimed.

“Ms Tash is a born-again Christian, she preaches the Gospel in this park – that’s already one really big strike against her in the anti-Christian media. And she criticises Islam at Speakers’ Corner. Now normally criticising religion has long been seen as a legitimate expression of free speech and it should be legitimate free speech.

“People who physically attacked those who did criticise Islam were once seen as the problem, and we reacted in proper horror when Muslim extremists killed 11 cartoonists and journalists at the Charlie Hebdo magazine for drawing cartoons of Islam… but in Britain and much of the English-speaking world it is now the critic of Islam who is the villain and who must shut up.”